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FRIXA - Motorsport Development being part of the Frixa – Hankook Group having already built an excellent race winning reputation for designing  brake pad compounds and materials for high performance motorsport use are now, introducing our range of brake discs and calipers, which can be made to bespoke requirements.


We can bring huge financial savings to any race organisers, whereby these savings can be passed onto the race teams. Under these currently financial constraints and budget restrictions making and designing brake packages for any type of racing series with a excellent financial saving must be a big plus for any race organiser to consider seriously.

For a specific application / race series like Formula Renault for instance, their brake calipers, brake discs/rotors and brake pads are all identical  throughout each car, for ease in the manufacturing process.


Frixa  can specifically produce and manufacture to your needs and requirements ensuring all components such as brake discs, calipers, brake pads and their material compositions are completely compatible. Designing and developing to meticulous high standards by using our ‘human professionals’ and not using computerisation or simulation methods, along with our full track side support and using our parent company Frixa  to manufacture every brake product to an extremely high standard and specification.

We do not stock or supply ‘off the shelf’ motorsport products as each set of brake discs, calipers and brake pads will be specific to each and every race application we manufacture and are sent directly onwards to that race organiser who then sell on to their race teams / managers. With stating this, we will always stock for the race organiser for their replenishment purposes.

Manufacturing to demand is also not a problem, as we can supply and stock up to 100,000 sets of discs, calipers and brake pads per year so any race series requiring a quick turn-around to supply, anywhere around the globe is feasible.

Also our parent company Frixa  can also provide any type of ‘Original Equipment’ or ‘Aftermarket’ automotive brake pads, calipers, brake discs and suspension products to any vehicle  manufacturer through our direct internal connections.